Mountain States Tactical Officers Association

Student packing list:

  • Tactical Gear
  • IFAC
  • Team med bag
  • Sim Gun Pistol or Rifle
  • 150 sim rounds
  • Protective equipment

Course Outline
This a 32-hour tactical casualty care course designed for tactical teams, both medics and non-medics. Tactical teams require specific training in bringing SWAT team members tactical casualty care skills sets to a higher level while also actively integrating the new tactical medics assigned to their teams. The TACTICAL MEDICAL INTEGRATION COURSE is an intermediate level course which will achieve this goal by updating current non-medic SWAT personnel tactical casualty care skill sets, expanding the new tactical medic's ability to create detailed tactical medical planning options for the SWAT team mission (high-risk warrant service, barricaded suspects, hostage rescue), fully
integrating the SWAT team's ability to conduct rapid tactical rescues of both officers and citizens, and a more effective coordinated response to multi- casualty incidents.