Applied SWAT Skills
*See required equipment below*

Class Size Limited to 18


Mountain States Tactical Officers Association

Instructor Bios:

Officer Tyler Verhaar has been a police officer in the pacific northwest for 16 years. He is currently assigned as the EMS Coordinator / Safety Officer for the Seattle Police Department and is the lead medic for the agency.  In his 16 years as a police officer Tyler has been assigned to Mobile Response Team, Anti-Crime Team, worked for 5 years as an entry medic for the United States Marshal Service PNVOTF, and a lead instructor for the Seattle Police Advanced Training Unit. Tyler specializes in bringing reality-based training to Law Enforcement around the country and has been spotlighted in numerous articles to include a presentation and the International Association of Chiefs of Police. Tyler is one of the Co-Creators of the nationally recognized Law Enforcement Casualty Care program.

Officer Andrew Marvel has been a police officer for 15 years. He is currently assigned to the Community Response Group (Anti-Crime Team) for the Seattle Police Department. In his 15 years as a police officer Andrew has worked patrol, been a member of the Seattle Police Firearms training unit, and ran the patrol Shotgun Program. Andrew excels at bringing state of the art firearms training to officers and running a range that is dynamic, engaging and most of all fun.

Officer Mike Virgilio has been a police officer for 14 years. He is currently assigned to the Special Weapons and Tactics Team for the Seattle Police Department. In his tenure as a police officer Mike has worked patrol, is a firearms instructor, rifle instructor and has worked various proactive assignments. Mike brings with him a wealth of knowledge on tactics, building clearing, and high-risk evolutions. Mike is a jack of all trades and excels at breaking down tactics to a fundamental level and teaching officers how and when to deploy these tactics.

 Officer Chris Brownlee has been a police officer for 17 years. He is currently assigned to the Joint Enforcement Team for the Seattle Police Department. In his tenure as a police officer Chris has worked many assignments to include patrol, mountain bike squad, community police team, undercover operations, fill-in assignments with ACT, and JET. Chris is a Senior Defensive Tactics Training and program developer for the Seattle Police Department. Chris travels across the country attending high level training and learning from some of the best instructors in the world. Chris specializes in bringing the highest level of training in DT, Firearms, Force on Force, and Medical training to the masses. He might be small and humble but don’t let that fool you; Chris will unlock potential and challenge students in a fun and engaging manner.

 Officer Jeff Swenson has been a police officer for 16 years in both Arizona and Washington. He is currently assigned to the Advanced Training Unit for the Seattle Police Department. Jeff serves as the SPD EMS Training Coordinator and is an Emergency Medical Technician on the SPD EMT Unit. Jeff excels at developing state of the art training for LE Agencies in the region.

The Applied SWAT Skills training tract is returning this year to MSTOA. This class formerly was Advanced Street Skills. After feedback from previous students the name has been changed to better reflect the training curriculum.

This four-day course will focus on the “T’s” in S.W.A.Tactics-Team.  Over the four days participants will apply learned skills and tactics in a team environment. Each block of instruction specifically focuses on small, medium and full-size team tactics as applied in high risk / high threat environments.


Block One: Slow and Deliberate Building Search

Block Two: Defensive Team Tactics

Block Three: Pistol / Carbine

Block Four: Law Enforcement Casualty Care

This course will push officers / deputies, both mentally and physically, to expand upon the basics and begin to use new skills and techniques to solve new and more complex problems. This course will utilize hands on skills and drills, force on force training, high stress reality-based scenarios, and cutting-edge technology.

Student Load out:
· Ballistic Vest
· Duty Belt and Load Bearing Vest (if issued or wear one)
· Duty Retention holster (Safari Land ALS , Black Hawk, ect. This needs to be a duty holster no cheap Walmart holsters or homemade kydex. This will be a dynamic course and we have seen holsters fail.)
· Duty handgun (3 mags minimum)
· Patrol Rife
· Flashlight and spare batteries
· Weapon mounted lights encouraged
· Ballistic Helmet
· Gloves
· BDUs
· Gas Mask (If issued w/training filter)
· 400 rounds of pistol ammunition & 500 rounds of long gun ammunition

· Eye protection clear and tinted
· Hearing protection (Electronic preferred)
· Brimmed cap
· UTM / FX Sim Training Pistol and Long Gun
o 250 rounds of UTM / FX Sim NLTA Ammunition (Pistol)
o 250 rounds of UTM / FX Sim NLTA Ammunition (Rifle / Long Gun)
· Force on Force protective gear