Mountain States Tactical Officers Association

Patrol Rifle Instructor and LPVO operator

Defense Technologies


Course equipment requests:

Student packing list:

  •  Eye and ear protection
  •  Pistol and 3 magazines
  •  Rifle and 3 magazines with pouches
  •  Low powered variable optic for rifle. (Please reach out if one is needed for training)
  •  Offset red dot encouraged but not necessary
  •  Appropriate clothing for range and weather
  •  Estimated 1,000 rounds of rifle ammo
  •  400 rounds pistol ammo
  •  Pen or pencil & notepad
  •  Full-duty, tactical gear/armor, including ballistic helmet (Tactical)

Course Outline:
The patrol rifle instructor portion of this course focuses on developing Instructor skills necessary for
providing practical, knowledgeable, and contemporary training to personnel in use of the patrol rifle. Like
all Defense Technology Training Academy Instructor courses, it is designed to enhance the student’s
abilities to create, present and conduct safe and relevant firearms training for personnel in their
departments. Through discussions and practical range drills, students attending the Defense Technology
Patrol Rifle Instructor Course will be exposed to the latest patrol rifle techniques and tactics.
The low powered variable optic (LVPO) portion of the course focuses on educating and implementing
the use of the LVPO in patrol and specialty teams assignments. Students will be exposed to various uses
of the LVPO, external ballistics, barricade shooting, and offset red dot techniques. Students not
required to have an LVPO in order to attend.Type your paragraph here.