The Modern Day Rifleman Sniper skills course is designed to provide the basically trained LE sniper with additional skills to further enhance individual performance in the areas of marksmanship, problem solving, and equipment management. Building on the simplicity of the basics, the curriculum provides the student with drills and practical application exercises meant to streamline and enhance already learned core skills. Students will be exposed to advanced shooting drills which will focus on positive target identification, effective communication skills, and tighter time limits and accuracy standards.

What You’ll Learn:

-Advanced internal, external and terminal ballistics
-Ballistic computer programs
-Unconventional and tripod supported positions
-Surgical shooting skills
-Obstacle clearance techniques
-Known and unknown distance target engagements from 70-500 yards
-Law Enforcement Sniper Qualification Course
-Night Operations and the use of IR lasers
-Individual equipment set-up and management
-Barriers and terminal bullet performance
-Tactical decision exercises.
-Moving target engagement techniques

Phillip Velayo

Updated Dec 7 2020

Phillip is a 10-year Marine Corps veteran having served his whole career in the Scout Sniper community. During his time, Phillip completed 4 overseas deployments and served in all billets available to a Scout Sniper, to include Scout Sniper Team Leader, Chief Scout Sniper, and Scout Sniper Instructor. His last three years of service were spent at the 1st Marine Division Scout Sniper School as the Primary Marksmanship Instructor. Phillip has attended all follow-on formal Scout Sniper courses, having graduated with honors and recognized as ‘High Shooter’ from all. In 2016, Phillip was nominated for Scout Sniper Instructor of the Year for his meticulous instruction that resulted in institutional changes in the training of Marine Scout Snipers in both formal schools and unit level training.

Upon exiting the Marine Corps in 2018, Phillip served as the Lead Instructor for Gunwerks Long Range University for two years.

Phillip is one of the co-founders of Modern Day Sniper and currently serves as an instructor for Modern Day Sniper. Phillip is also well known as a nationally ranked precision rifle competitor in the Precision Rifle Series and National Rifle League circuit, having placed in the top 10 in the 2018 season for both organizations. Phillip’s best finish is winning the 2018 Precision Rifle Series Finale.


Mountain States Tactical Officers Association

Sniper Skills

Class side: TBD

Student packing list:

Packing list will be provided through Modern Day Riflemen Network’s MSTOA. Link will be sent out to attendees

Caylen Wojcik

Updated Dec 7 2020

Caylen's professional journey as a rifleman began with his career as a US Marine Corps Scout/Sniper. Prior to that, Caylen had an affinity for shooting and hunting as a young boy and taught himself how to shoot a centerfire rifle at the age of 14. A voracious reader, he consumed anything related to long range shooting and sniping, leading him to following his dream of attaining the title of a US Marine Corps Scout/Sniper.

During his time as a Marine Caylen served almost entirely as a sniper, holding every billet within the community with the exception of a platoon commander. He served as an instructor at the 1st Marine Division Scout/Sniper School as the primary marksmanship instructor where he trained US Marines, US Army soldiers, and Naval Special Warfare operators in the art and craft of sniping. Caylen participated in a combat tour as a Sniper Team Leader in 2004, and sustained severe injuries which led to the end of his military career. Prior to his departure, Caylen passed on his urban combat experience as an instructor at the Urban Sniper and Urban Reconnaissance and Surveillance courses.

Since his departure from active service, Caylen has taught for multiple private security companies, local, state and Federal law enforcement agencies, and developed Magpul's Precision Rifle program training hundreds of military and law enforcement snipers and responsible armed citizens for more than a decade.

Caylen resides with his family in the Pacific Northwest where he's an avid backcountry hunter and precision rifle competitor. When he's not shooting you can find him adventuring with his family, or in the sky under a wing.