Training Opportunities

2 day AR15/M16 Armorer $395 (April 10-11)
2 day Advanced Armorer $395 (April 12-13)
             (Prerequisite for Advanced Course: Must have taken the SLR15 AR15/M16 Course within 24mos)                   

$90 Discount: Attend both AR15/M16/M4 Armorer Courses for $700 (April 10-13)

To Register: Complete the Defensive Edge Law Enforcement Training application at and fax to our office (763) 712-1434.   Phone: (763) 712-0123.  email:

If you would like MSTOA to place your training on our website please your request to: Sergeant Brian Robinson at

Mountain States Tactical Officers Association

The Advanced Course Covers:

Identification of Non-Common Problems and Parts
Chamber Reaming & Polishing
Accessories & Upgrades                                    
Barrel Replacement & Modifications
Internal Barrel / Chamber Inspections
Feed Ramps & Crown Repair
Detailed Maintenance
Ballistic Analysis & Issues
Headspacing & Timing/Dwell Timing Issues
Trigger Jobs & Aftermarket Triggers
Detailed Trouble Shooting & Repair 
M16 & Burst Conversions & 4-pos Triggers
Free Float Barrels
Tuning, Harmonics & Customizing
Custom Tools & Fixtures
Gas Block & Front Sight Base Mounting

Defensive Edge SLR15 Rifles

AR15/M4/M16 RIFLE ARMORER COURSE April 10-11, 2017

Hosted by the Helena MT Police Department


Law Enforcement Agencies are deploying or are in the process of issuing carbine rifles to Patrol Officers, Supervisors, and Tactical Units.  With that comes the need of having qualified Armorers or Range Masters to service and maintain these weapons on a regular basis.  This course covers all M16/AR15 type carbine weapons systems made and their variants.  Armorers will be certified in the proper maintenance, care, and repair of these weapons systems, including semi-auto and select-fire trigger systems.  This program follows the Manufacturer’s guidelines and is taught by FBI and NRA Certified Instructors. 

 SWAT Magazine recently featured SLR15 Rifles and Greg Sullivan “Sully” (the primary instructor for this course) as a cover story.  Sully has also had numerous write ups in Guns & Ammo Magazine, SWAT Magazine, Gun & Weapons for Law Enforcement Magazine, Shooting Times Magazine, Precision Rifle Magazine, and several other publications.

The Armoring Course Covers:                           

History of the Weapon                  
Cycles of Function
General Disassembly / Assembly
Identification of Common Problems and Parts & Nomenclature
Identification of Group Components                               
Complete Armoring Disassembly / Assembly Barrel Replacement
Cleaning and Maintenance
Sight and Distance Considerations
Ballistic Issues /Headspacing/Inspections
Trigger Jobs
Trouble Shooting & Repair 
M16 Conversions to AR15
Headspacing & Inspections
Cycles of Function
Complete Disassembly / Assembly

 A unique and comprehensive training opportunity coming to Montana…

Canine Liability 360

& Canines in the Courtroom

Being consistent, making good decisions and keeping proper documentation will limit your liability and make you a better K9 handler and K9 supervisor.

Co-hosted by U.S. Forest Service and Missoula County Sheriff’s Office

April 3 thru 5, 2017 – Monday thru Wednesday - 0800-1700

Missoula Technology & Development Center (MTDC), 5785 HWY 10 West, Missoula, MT 59808

Course Description: This 3-day course (24 hours) is being presented in two parts and is ideally recommended for law enforcement personnel who are currently deploying with or supervising cross-trained police dogs for patrol and narcotics detection. However, single purpose programs (detection or patrol) can also benefit and register separately for either class. Participants will benefit from the firsthand experiences of the three instructors as recent cases and incidents are reviewed and the lessons learned shared.

Day 1 – April 3 – “Canines in the Courtroom” where Prosecuting Attorney Ted Daus and Sheriff's Deputy Andy Weiman from HITS Training & Consulting partner up for this powerful eight-hour lecture that will show you how to put all of your hard work and drug dog training efforts on display in the courtroom. Successful prosecution of drug dog cases hinges on your dog's reliability. If you've worked or supervised a drug dog for any amount of time, you already know how fast the laws are changing for search and seizure and what was illegal yesterday, is being openly smoked today. Key cases and court decisions will be presented and analyzed. Documentation of training and courtroom testimony is critical and proper record keeping essential – all will be addressed. Registration fee for this class will include the book “K9s in the Courtroom” co-authored by the instructors ($34.95 retail).

Days 2 & 3 – April 4 & 5 – “Canine Liability 360” is still rated by attendees as the most comprehensive liability seminar now being offered for handlers and K9 supervisors to assist in successfully managing their patrol K9 program and preparing for their potential "legal defense" to prevail in the event of a claim or lawsuit by examining TAC Team's "360 Degrees of Responsibility" involving a single purpose patrol (bite) dog or cross-trained police service dog assigned to patrol and/or a tactical team. The topics presented by Sergeant Bill Lewis II (Retired) will include; Use of Force, Policies & Operational Manual, Reasons We Get in Trouble, Report Writing, Debriefings, Training, Documentation and "Control & Case Law." More information is available online at

NOTE: “Canine Liability 360” can be attended independently by personnel from either cross-trained or single purpose patrol K9 programs. “Canines in the Courtroom” can be attended independently if you work or supervise a single purpose narcotic detection dog(s) and/or you are simply unable to attend all three days of instruction.

Registration: Each class is restricted to 55 law enforcement personnel on a first-come basis. Tuition is $370.00 per person for the 3 days. Tuition is $195 for “Canine Liability 360” only. Tuition is $175 for “Canines in the Courtroom” only. Reservations are required by email. To make a reservation or request more information, contact Bill Lewis II at Registration deadline is March 5.


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