Mountain States Tactical Officers Association

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Ballistic Shield and RDS Instructor
Instructed by Safariland
*See required equipment below*

Class Size Limited to 20

Course Outline
This four-day course focuses on developing Instructor skills necessary for transitioning personnel from traditional iron sights to the pistol mounted electronic optics – Red Dot Sights and becoming more proficient as a ballistic shield operator and instructor. Like all Defense Technology Training Academy Instructor courses, it is designed to enhance the student’s abilities to create, present and conduct safe and relevant firearms training for personnel in their departments. Through discussions and practical range drills, students attending the Defense Technology Pistol Optics Instructor Course will be exposed to the latest “Red Dot” training techniques and provides instructors with the techniques and skills required to train their department's personnel while operating with a ballistic shield. Students will learn drills, shooting techniques and tactics for red dot equipped pistols and the ballistic shield, while being required to make presentations, supervise range drills and develop course(s) of fire.

Student Packing Equipment

  • Eye and ear protection
  • Pistol with a mounted electronic optic – Red Dot Sight
  • Holster compatible to the students pistol/optic
  • 3 magazines with pouches
  • Appropriate clothing for range and weather
  • Estimated 1,350 rounds of pistol ammunition
  • Long weapon and no less than 50 rounds of ammo
  • Full-duty, tactical gear/armor, including ballistic helmet (Tactical)
  • Appropriate Range attire, duty gear, armor and ballistic helmet (Patrol)
  • Ballistic shield/with viewport (if you have one available)
  • Gas Mask/carrier
  • Blue Training Gun
  • Pen or pencil & notepad