Mountain States Tactical Officers Association

Pistol / Carbine
*See required equipment below*
Class Size Limited to 20
11 seats remaining (2/8/23)

Instructor: Ryan Allen

Ryan currently is the Law Enforcement District Manager for GLOCK and also works as a civilian contractor functioning as a Protection Specialist and Instructor in the US and overseas. He is a former full-time Protection Specialist for ASSolution North America, US Department of State High Threat Protection Instructor and full-time Firearms & Tactics (Open Enrollment) Instructor at Academi Training Center (Blackwater USA). He has deployed numerous times to locations in the Middle East and Africa under US State Department programs including Global Anti-Terrorism Assistance Program (GATA) and Worldwide Protective Services (WPS). Prior to 2011 Ryan spent a decade in law enforcement where he was assigned to numerous specialized units to include SWAT-Special Projects, Protective Services and MATIC (JTTF) as an Information Officer.


Pistol/Carbine Operator (PCO) is a course focusing on marksmanship, speed, and
tactical decision making in high risk events. PCO was developed for Team Members
with a working knowledge of gun-handling, marksmanship and the core shooting
fundamentals on both carbine and pistol. PCO presents daily training challenges that
require problem solving under stress and decisive active performance while operating
both the carbine and pistol.

• State range and general firearms safety and emergency procedures
• Describe the principles of a consistent combat mindset
• Discuss the, “stopping power” myth and modern ballistics
• Define what Tactical Performance Pistol/Carbine is and its application
• Conduct evaluations on students gear selection and placement
• State the purpose of the 7-core shooting fundamentals
• Demonstrate and discuss the 7-core fundamentals of shooting
• State the characteristics of the modern semi-auto pistol/carbine rifle
• State the capabilities of the modern semi-auto pistol/carbine rifle
• Describe the features of the modern semi-auto pistol/carbine rifle
• Describe the principles of operation / cycle of operation of both systems
• Discuss advanced and modern skill sets using a pistol/carbine rifle
• Discuss and perform advanced shooting positions and movements
• Conduct a medium shoot and discuss tactical operations in and around vehicles

Having integrated both the carbine and pistol into a single working platform, students
will have increased their technical skill, performance, and individual confidence with
both weapon systems. Students will leave training with the tools and techniques needed
to identify their short comings and overcome them with
a working knowledge of current
and modern methodology.

• Mind-Set and Critical Event Preparation
• Safety
• Gear placement and considerations
• Operators Pre-Fire, Pre-Operation Sequence
• 7-Core Fundamentals of Shooting
• Loading and unloading
• Reloads (Emergency, Reduced and Combat)
• Malfunctions & Stoppages
• Cover and Barricades
• Adverse Angles and Cones
• High & Low Percentages
• Shooting Positions
• Transitions - When and Where
• Understanding Mediums and Ballistics
• Vehicle Bail-Outs and Positions in and around vehicles
• Team Movement
*REQUIRED Equipment

• Modern Battle Rifle (AR15/M4 5.56 Variant)
• Modern Semi-Auto Pistol
• 4 - 30 round rifle magazines
• Pistol with 3 magazines
• Sling for your rifle
• Full Issued Armor/Kit
• Magazine Pouch for both weapon systems
• 800 Rounds of rifle ammo (UPDATED 3/14/23)
• 800 Rounds of pistol ammo (UPDATED 3/14/23)
• Protective Equipment (eye/ear)
• Eye protection
• Ball cap
• Water