Mountain States Tactical Officers Association

NTOA Less Lethal Instructor

Class limited to 20 seats
​15 seats remaining (2/8/23)


The Less Lethal Impact Projectiles Instructor Course is a train the trainer course designed to familiarize attendees with less lethal weapons, impact munitions and deployment tactics. Topics to be covered include instructor development techniques, less lethal force philosophy, case law, policy issues, technology overview, deployment tactics, product demonstrations, and less lethal practical scenarios. The Flash Sound Diversionary Device Instructor Course is a train the trainer course designed to familiarize attendees with flash sound diversionary devices (FSDD). Topics to be covered include history of diversionary devices, definitions, and nomenclature, legal aspects of diversionary devices, policy issues, preparation and deployment of diversionary devices, and practical application. The Chemical Agent Instructor Course is a train the trainer course designed to familiarize attendees with chemical munitions. Topics to be covered include history, products and characteristics, delivery systems, hazards, decontamination, gas masks, and general tactics as they relate to the use of chemical agents. NOTICE The information necessary to present instruction regarding less lethal munitions, flash sound diversionary devices, and chemical agents is contained within the curricula of this course. The ability to teach others and correctly convey the course content is an individual skill. Completing this NTOA course of instruction is not an endorsement of any individuals teaching skill or experience. Instructors should ensure that they have met the necessary requirements to instruct the subject matter as required by local or state mandates. Further, instructors should be approved to teach the materials by their agency head or designee. INSTRUCTIONAL GOALS Upon completion of this course the attendee will be familiar with:

1. Instructor Development Techniques

2. Less Lethal Force Philosophy

3. Case Laws, Legal Studies Training Issues

4. Less Lethal Policy

5. Use of Force Reports

6. Less Lethal Force Technology

7. Less Lethal Deployment Tactics

8. Conducting Less Lethal Practical Scenarios

9. History of Flash Sound Diversionary Devices (FSDD’s)

10. Specific Definitions

11. Nomenclature

12. Legal Aspects of Diversionary Devices

13. Tactics involving Flash Sound Diversionary Devices

14. Deployment Concerns

15. FSDD Policy Issues

16. Preparation and Deployment of Diversionary Devices

17. Chemical Munitions Products and Characteristics

18. Chemical Munitions Delivery Systems

19. Potential Hazards of Chemical Munitions

20. Decontamination Issues

21. Gas Masks

22. General Tactics as they Relate to the Use of Chemical Agents

Student packing list:

  • Tactical gear no firearms
  • Gas Mask
  • Eye & ear protection
  • Gloves
  • Note taking material and thumb-drive
  • Gas Grenade (OC or CS)
  • Minimum of one Flashbang (FSDD)
  • Minimum of one 40mm Ferret round and one sponge round (CS,OC, or standard) if utilized.
  • Minimum of one 37mm Ferret round and one sponge round (CS, OC, or standard) if utilized.
  • Less lethal 12 gauge rounds if utilized Please contact Paul Weber at if your agency can provide a launcher, extra munitions, or special equipment (hot box, tomahawks, other gas deployment devices) for the course.