Protective Service Detail Law Enforcement

Course Description: Protective Services Detail for Law Enforcement is a four day course aimed to prepare and educate local law enforcement on the best practices in Executive Protection. This course is designed around actual working knowledge of protection details in both Afghanistan, and Israel protecting POTUS, VPOTUS, U.S. Dignitaries, Congressional Delegates, Secretary of State, and Department of State Ambassadors. This training follows the same training as Department of State contractors receive for deployment overseas.  

Who should attend this Course: All law enforcement officers who are, or could be assigned to work a Protective Security Detail. The training could be for any local, state or federal elected official who visits your jurisdiction. The training will be especially helpful for law enforcement assigned to work with U.S. Secret Service during election events like the DNC or RNC.  

Objective: Provide the knowledge and training on how a protection detail operates in order to keep the assigned principle safe. The four day course will cover the following topics:

1. Describe the purpose of a Protective Security Detail, and why it is important to LE.

2. Mission Planning

3. Roles of a Protective Security Detail

4. Duties of each member of a Protective Security Detail

5. Identify, and demonstrate walking formations and duties

6. Motorcade operations to include arrivals and departures

7. Advance work and the steps involved in conducting an advance

8. Emergency evacuation drills

9. Conduct a site survey, and complete an advance packet on that site

10. Route selection, hard points, and safe havens


Jaymes Holden is the owner of 360 Protection Group, who previously worked on the Department of State’s Worldwide Protection Program assigned to the U.S. Embassy in Kabul Afghanistan, and the Consulate in Jerusalem Israel. Mr. Holden was assigned as a Protective Detail Member and Shift Leader of a Protective Detail to U.S. Ambassadors and Consulate Generals. Mr. Holden has also worked for Fortune 500 clients in New York, Washington D.C., and Los Angeles to account for almost a decade of government and corporate protection details.


Mr. Holden has 27 years in North Carolina law enforcement, a graduate of the FBI National Academy Session 208, Department of State approved WPS Instructor and ATA Instructor. 

​Executive Protection Course

Max 24 Student

Mountain States Tactical Officers Association