​Capped at 24 Students

Mountain States Tactical Officers Association

Instructor Information to Come

​Jeremy Taylor has 15 years of law enforcement experience with the Kennewick Police Department in Washington State.  He is a patrol Sergeant and has been assigned to the Tri-City Regional SWAT team for 13 years, where he is currently the Team Commander.  He is a SWAT Basic and Advanced SWAT instructor for the Washington State Tactical Officers Association, and is the President for the WSTOA.



Mike Clark has worked for the Benton County Sheriff Office in Washington State since 2008, where he currently serves as a Patrol Lieutenant.  He was assigned to the Tri-City Regional SWAT team in 2011 and is a Team Leader.  He is a member of the breaching cadre and holds certifications for manual, ballistic and explosive breaching.

Course Description:

​This three day class is focused on CQB and will introduce the student to the fundamentals of Dedicated Point movement and room clearing.   Students will learn the techniques, procedures, and methodology of Dedicated Point, and how it is used for Slow and Methodical, Dynamic, and Hostage Rescue Tactics.


This includes:

•       Hallway movement

•       Door setup procedures

•       Room entry procedures

•       Threat Priorities

•       NFDD deployment (Room Entry)

•       Dedicated teams

•       Diamond formation (Hostage Rescue)


Students will participate in classroom, and training evolutions that use force on target and force on force scenarios.


Student Equipment:

•       All call out gear

•       Ballistic eye wear

•       Duty rifle

•       Duty pistol

•       Simunition/Force on Force/UTM bolts and slides

•       Safety equipment for Reality Based Training

•       200 Non-Lethal training rounds – rifle

•       50 Non-Lethal training rounds – pistol