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Course Description:

Close Quarter Battle (CQB) Course: This dynamic four day course is designed to teach the SWAT operator the principles and fundamentals of CQB and the techniques of room clearing through practical application and force on force techniques.

Operators attending this course will need to bring their issued SWAT kit, to include but not limited to the following:
Pen/paper for classroom and ops planning
Uniform (pants, longsleeve)
Ballistic vest
Eye pro
Ear pro
Shoulder weapon system (AR-15/M-4) w at least two magazines
Sub load - belt w/ issued holster (Glock 17 sim gun will be provided)
Flashbangs and/or training bangs (5 if you are able to bring your own)

Additional team gear such as breaching equipment, shield, bang pole, throw bot, mirror, and ladders are not required but recommended if available.

Blue Bolts for weapon system (AR-15/M-4), 5.56 sim rounds, Glock 17 sim guns, sim rounds.  MSTOA has a limited number of blue guns and bolts for student use.  If you can bring your own it will provide for a better training experience.

300 rounds of UMT or FX sim rounds for 5.56.  


​Capped at 24 Students

Mountain States Tactical Officers Association