Mountain States Tactical Officers Association

Course Outline

This 32-hour course will expose teams to the tactical capabilities of several different types of armored vehicles. ITC instructors will tailor the tactics to fit each agency's choice of armored vehicle. The course will focus on deployment methods of the armored vehicle, used to maximize safety for the team and civilians alike. Tactical situations requiring the use of an armored vehicle will be covered in depth.

This includes barricaded suspects, high-risk warrant service, hostage rescues, civilian evacuations, and rescue operations. The students will also be exposed to shooting platforms, personal equipment issues, and breaching options.

Instructor Bio
George and Rich have a combined fifty-five years of policing experience and over thirty years of tactical training. They have traveled around the world to train with tactical teams from big cities to the smallest of rural towns. One thing we have found is that we, as SWAT operators, are all very much alike. We constantly seek the best and most informative critical incident training to increase our knowledge and keep the public and ourselves safe.

Although we are lucky enough to work for one of the busiest and most advanced tactical teams in the world, we understand that not all teams are exposed to the same amount of activity. Equipment, personnel, and real-time experience vary throughout our profession. At ITC, we will always keep this in mind, providing training on methods that have proven successful for us.

Our instructors teach “a way” not “the way.” We believe that any instructor that isn’t promoting flexibility should be second-guessed.

We look forward to learning and sharing new tactics from our students on every training course. Our goal is to keep our training professional and straightforward. We demand each of our students to be a thinker and remain flexible at all times. SWAT tactics require both to be successful.

We strongly believe ITC students walk away with an open mind and a vault of powerful knowledge. Our Instructors are always open for discussion on any tactical situation and hope to provide answers based on our training and experience.

...and on that day, only you will know your true commitment to training.

- George Creamer and Rich Diliberti

Student Needs

  • Eye/ Ear Protection 
  • Note taking material 
  • Tactical gear with IFAK 
  • Gas mask 
  • Duty Rifle 
  • 200 rounds rifle ammunition​
  • 25 rounds simunition pistol or rifle and appropriate sim weapon s.

Armored Vehicle Course
Class limited to 20

13 seats remaining (2/8/23)​