Instructor Bio:

Joining us for his 3rd year as an instructor at MSTOA is Tyler Verhaar. Currently serving as a lead instructor in the Seattle Police Advanced Training Unit, Tyler is a Firearms instructor (Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun), Advanced Tactics Instructor and EMS Coordinator for Seattle PD, as well as a task force officer/tactical entry medic on the US Marshal Violent Offender Taskforce. Tyler’s dynamic approach to training is surpassed only by his passion to ensure all Police Officers / Deputies have the knowledge necessary to excel and keep names off the wall. Having been a police officer for 12 years in the Pacific Northwest, Tyler started his career with the Salem Police Department. While there, he worked as a Mobile Response Team operator and created the Tactical Medicine Program for the department. Tyler lateraled to the Seattle Police Department in 2014 where he created and leads the Law Enforcement Casualty Care course.

In 2012 Tyler was awarded the Salem Police Department Life Saving Award, Distinguished Service Award, Oregon Police Officers Association Life Saving Award, Distinguished Service Award, and the Oregon State Sheriffs Association Life Saving Award for heroic actions above and beyond the call of duty that resulted in the management of a kinetic threat while successfully treating a fellow officer who was shot in the torso.

Travelling extensively, Officer Verhaar excels at bringing reality-based training to police. His training has been spotlighted recently in a presentation at The International Association of Chiefs of Police and in news media outlets and Police One.

Advanced Street Skills (Entries, DT, Pistol/Long Gun, LECC)

The Advanced Street Skills training tract is new this year to MSTOA. Given MSTOA’s reputation for putting on some of the best training in country, the MSTOA Board has decided to invest in up and coming officers who will one day be selected for SWAT and/or current SWAT Operators looking to hone skills and bring it back to the basics.

This four-day course will focus on advanced skills for officers / deputies and increasing tactical efficacy in high threat environments to include but not limited to:

· Building Entries / Active Shooter

· Defensive Tactics

· Pistol, Long Gun / Carbine

· Law Enforcement Casualty Care

· Armed and Determined Aggressors

This course is designed around the officer / deputy who has a strong understanding of basic tactics and weapon handling skills. This course will push officers / deputies, both mentally and physically, to expand upon the basics and begin to use new skills and techniques to solve new and more complex problems. This course will utilize hands on skills and drills, force on force training, high stress reality-based scenarios, and cutting-edge technology.

The culmination of this course will be on the last day when Advanced Street Skills combines with the Operational Medicine tract for a full-blown scenario evolution where all of the taught skills are combined in one scenario that can only be held at MSTOA.

Student Load out:

· Ballistic Vest

· Duty Belt and Load Bearing Vest (if issued or wear one)

· Duty Retention holster (Safari Land ALS , Black Hawk, ect. This needs to be a duty holster no cheap Walmart holsters or homemade kydex. This will be a dynamic course and we have seen holsters fail.)

· Duty handgun (3 mags minimum)

· Patrol Long Gun (Shotgun, Carbine, whatever you carry on the street)

· Flashlight and spare batteries

· Weapon mounted lights encouraged

· Ballistic Helmet (If issued one)

· Gloves

· BDUs

· Gas Mask (If issued w/training filter)

· 700 rounds of pistol ammunition & 1,000 rounds of long gun ammunition (500 rounds if pump action shotgun SLUGS ONLY)

*Ammunition can be purchased through 813 Consulting if needed at a discounted rate. Those needing to purchase ammunition will need to notify lead instructor at minimum 3 months before training course*

· Eye protection clear and tinted

· Hearing protection (Electronic preferred)

· Brimmed cap

· UTM / FX Sim Training Pistol and Long Gun

o 500 rounds of UTM / FX Sim NLTA Ammunition (Pistol)

o 500 rounds of UTM / FX Sim NLTA Ammunition (Rifle / Long Gun)

**If you need to rent a UTM Training Weapon and purchase NLTA Ammunition a package will be available onsite for a fee through UTM**

· Force on Force protective gear

​Advanced Street Skills

Class Capped at 12 Students

Mountain States Tactical Officers Association