Caylen has amassed nearly 20 years worth of professional experience in the realm of precision shooting. Through reading and self-guided research, Caylen’s passion for precision shooting began at a very young age as he explored the fascinating components of the precision shooting system. His professional career began as a Marine Scout/Sniper, spending close to a decade immersed in the culture and learning how to create both basically trained and advanced Marine Scout/Snipers. During his time in the Marine Corps, Caylen served as both a basic and advanced sniper instructor training hundreds of Marines, to include elements of Naval Special Warfare, the US Army, and dozens of law enforcement agencies. Upon completion of his active duty service, Caylen went on to continue teaching professionals in the private security sector, law enforcement and military snipers, and responsible armed citizens.

Advanced Law Enforcement Sniper Seminar

Course Description:

The Advanced Law Enforcement Sniper curriculum is designed to provide the basically trained LE sniper with additional skills to further enhance individual performance in the areas of marksmanship, problem solving, and equipment management. Building on the simplicity of the basics, the advanced curriculum provides the student with drills and practical application exercises meant to streamline and enhance already learned core skills. Students will be exposed to advanced shooting drills which will focus on positive target identification, effective communication skills, and tighter time limits and accuracy standards.

What You’ll Learn:

-Advanced internal, external and terminal ballistics

-Ballistic computer programs

-Unconventional and tripod supported positions

-Surgical shooting skills

-Obstacle clearance techniques

-Known and unknown distance target engagements from 70-500 yards

-Law Enforcement Sniper Qualification Course

-Night Operations and the use of IR lasers

-Individual equipment set-up and management

-Barriers and terminal bullet performance

-Tactical decision exercises.

-Moving target engagement techniques

400 rounds need for the course

Mountain States Tactical Officers Association

Advanced Sniper

Capped at 10 Students​​

Must have Intermediate Certificate from Instructor's Course to Attend